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My-Quito.com is a personal description of places we know in Quito and Ecuador. We have been regular visitors to Quito for a number or years and have many good friends in the city. In 2004 we bought an apartment in in the Gonzales Suarez area, overlooking the historic village of Guapulo and thought it might be useful to describe some of our favourite places in Ecuador for others wishing to visit this fascinating country.

Each page starts with some notes based on our own experience, followed by useful websites. We have not necessarily visited all the places listed in the external websites, so you will have to form you own view on these.

You can navigate this site by following the coloured subject headings at the top of each page.

Chris + Susana Askew
and not forgetting James and Maria of course!
Bristol, UK.
Quito, Ecuador.

Colonial Quito
My-Quito.com : a visitors guide

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A guide to visiting Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is an extraordinary destination, combining enormous biological diversity with a range of very different landscapes. Quito, at nearly 10,000 feet altitude, was designated the first UNESCO World Heritage City in 1978 in recognition of its colonial architecture. The country has many of the worlds highest volcanos, including Cotopaxi, alledgedly the worlds highest active volcano at 5897m, and presents wonderful opportunities for climbing, trekking, horse riding and white water rafting.

The Galapagos islands were inspiration for Darwin's "Origin of the Species" and as another World Heritage site present an opportunity to observe giant tortoises and many other endangered species at close quarters. On the tropical Pacific coast you can enjoy palm lined beaches and go whale watching, while on the other side of the country in the Amazon rainforest you will discover the greatest bio diversity to be experienced in a small area of the world. In fact Ecuador possesses some 1640 species of birds (double Europe or North America), 4500 species of butterflies, 345 species of reptile, 258 species of mammal and 358 species of amphibian (15% of the worlds total) .

You can also visit the world's most famous Indian market at Otavalo, stay at beautiful haciendas or eco lodges in the cloud forest and eat out in top class restaurants in Quito at reasonable prices.

All this in a country the size of Nevada.

I hope that you find something of interest in our account, and enjoy our photos. Should you decide to visit the country, our own apartment in Quito is available to rent for short visits.

Mohanda Lakes
Mohanda Lakes near Otavalo

Site Map:

panama hatIndex -home page and contents list.
Useful information -everything from geography to health issues, as well as having many Ecuador links that we couldn't classify elsewhere.
Image Bank -our own library of photos from Ecuador -Quito, Papallacta, Baños, Otavalo, Cuenca, Ruta del Sol and the Galapagos Islands.
Ecuador books -further reading on travelling in Ecuador, and a few other recommended books for background reading.
Galapagos books -some of the available books and dvds about the island and its wildlife.
Quito apartmentApartment -details about renting our Quito apartment, pictured right.
Guapulo -the surrounding area around the apartment -Guapulo and Gonzales Suarez.
Practical matters -general information about the apartment.
Inventory -a list of what you can expect to find -furniture and equipment.
Picture gallery -some pictures of the apartment and the village of Guapulo.
Bookings -online booking form and rental calendar for our holiday apartment.
Contact -getting in touch with us. Also has a boring notice about copyright and our Privacy Policy.
Devils Nose railwayTravel -getting to Ecuador and travelling around in the country
Flights -airlines serving Ecuador and the Galapagos, along with destinations served.
Car hire -care and motorbike hire companies in Quito, plus a few general tips on driving in Ecuador.
Buses -what you can expect travelling around on public transport.
Trains -the fantastic old steam railways of Ecuador -the most difficult railway in the world -gradually being reconstructed after El Niño of 1998.
Yachts and Cruises -yachts and cruise ships serving the Galapagos Islands with a guide to different classes and how to choose your boat.
Ecuador LandscapeSightseeing - Starting with Quito -colonial architecture, parks, churches museums & galleries.
Local Trips -day trips or weekends to Otavalo, Mitad del Mundo, Pululahua, Pasachoa, Cotopaxi, Papallacta and Mindo.
Northern Andes -Baños and Ambato -national parks and great volcanos -Tunguruahua, Sangay, Chimborazo.
Baños -in 2006 we went back to the beautiful spa town -known as the gateway to the jungle, the town is overshadowed by the active volcano Tungurahua.
Southern Andes -the provinces of Canar, Azuay and Loja -cloud forest, Inca ruins at Ingapirca, the valley of Longetivity at Vilcabamba and the city of Cuenca.
Cuenca -from our 2005 trip -Ecuador's other world heritage city -beautiful colonial architecture, arts and handicrafts.
Oriente -the amazonian provinces in the east -vast areas of sparsely populated, largely unspoilt rainforest.
Pacific Coast -the coastal lowlands -beaches, sea food, whale watching and parties -Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas and El Oro.
Manabi -Manta, the Ruta del Sol and Machalilla National Park which we visited in 2007.
Galapagos -the enchanted isles -inspiration to Darwin and perhaps the greatest living museum of evolution -iguanas, tortoises, turtles, sea lions, whales, frigate birds, boobies and albatross.
Biking in EcuadorActivities -there are a huge range of things to do in Ecuador.
Trekking -walks in the high andes.
Biking -get around by bicycle or mountain bike down Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and the other volcanoes.
Climbing -mountain climbing in the great volcanoes of the Ecuadorean Andes.
White water rafting -rafting, canoeing and kayaking in the mountain and jungle rivers.
Scuba diving -sub aqua possibilities on the coast and the Galapagos Islands.
Eco tourism -volunteer and gap year opportunities; consevation projects.
Birdwatching -Ecuador is described as a birdwatchers paradise with great opportunities in the jungle, cloud forest and the Galapagos Islands.
Whalewatching -watching humpback and other whales on the mainlaind coast or Galapagos
Learn spanish -improve your Spanish in Quito, Cuenca or the coast.
Tour Operators -tour organisers specialising in Ecuador and the Galapagos.
Hacienda PinsaquiAccommodation -our guide to places to stay.
Hotels -for those looking for comfortable travel Ecuador has a great range of hotels and hosteria -Quito, Imbabura, Baños, Riobamba, Cuenca, Pacific Coast, Guayaquil and Galapagos.
Haciendas -the finest accommodation on the great old estates of Ecuador.
Hostels -for those on a budget, there is plenty of cut price accommodation too -listings of hostels in Quito, Otavalo, Baños, Mindo, Cuenca, the Oriente, Pacific Coast, Guayaquil and Galapagos.
Lodges -off the beaten track in the mountains and the jungle there are plenty of fantastic lodges to stay in.
Quito apartments -our listing of apart hotels and short stay furnished vacation rentals in Quito and the rest of Ecuador.
Yachts & Cruises -listing of yachts and cruise boats plying the Galapagos islands.
Restaurants and Shopping -places to eat out, bars, clubs and shops in Quito. Also entertainments -cinemas and sports clubs.
See also BishKrew on Tour for James' travels around the world, including volunteering in Esmeraldas.
Colonial Quito

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Quito Apartment
Our Quito apartment is available to rent on a short term basis for holiday lets -click on apartment for more details.
Apartment Quito
The one-bedroom apartment is well equipped and enjoys beautiful views over the historic village of Guapulo in the north of Quito.
Now with wifi internet access.
See the Bookings Calendar for availability and prices.
Visitors reviews:
"Ecuador was a wonderful experience, 'everything you described and more'. We managed to take in the Galapagos, the Cloud Forest, the Oriente,  and so many other things. The apartment was a wonderful place to stay, I can see why you both love it so much, and it was also a great base to launch ourselves into other activities. Thanks so much for the apartment"
N&M, Bristol UK
"My wife and I have just returned to Canada from a wonderful visit with great friends in Quito. They rented for us this fabulous apartment. Very comfortable. Incredible views. The apartment itself is well equipped, very spacious yet cozy, quiet, secure. Safe neighbourhood. We miss Jose who watched over the building and helped us flag taxis and carry luggage. We wanted to take him home with us.
Thank you,"
JU and CP

News from Ecuador
Jan 2011 -Quito commences its year as American City of Culture. A number of events are scheduled to take place at plazas, theatres and cultural centres through the year.
Oct 2010 -a state of emergency was declared in Ecuador after President Rafael Correa accused the opposition and security forces of a coup attempt.
May 2010 -volcano Tungurahua erupted again throwing up clouds of ash that caused the evacuation of seven villages near Baños and the dirsion of air flights to Peru.
March 2010 -sixteen Canadian passengers were evacuated from the Galapagos yacht 'Alta' which ran aground on entering the harbour at Puerto Ayora
Nov 2009 -with its worst drought for forty years, Ecuador is suffering a shortage of Hydro Electric power -residential areas of Quito are without electricity for long periods. An electricity emergency has been declared for 60 days whilst alternative sources are sought.
July 2009 -El Niño has apparently returned, and is expected to affect weather patterns into 2010.
Sept 2008 -Quito celebrates 30 years as a UNESCO world heritage city.
Aug 2008 -Visas: South American Explorers has reported that extensions to the 90 day tourist visa are no longer being issued from within Ecuador, with big fines for overstaying the limit. They also report that returns are not being allowed with six months.
July 2008 -Galapagos: it was reported that Lonesome Geoerge, the last surviving Pinta Giant Tortoise may at last be a father. Sadly the eggs proved to be infertile.

Ecuador Volcanoes
Volcano TungurahuaEcuador has many of the worlds highest active volcanoes. In Feb 2008 the Volcano Tungurahua (above) entered a new and more violent eruption, throwing out pyroclastic flows and emitting a column of ash. If you are planning to travel in the Baños area, you may wish to check on the latest status -up to date information can be obtained from the
Instituto Geofisico
Recent increased volcanic activity was also reported from Cerro Azul, on Isabella Island in the Galapagos and the Tungurahua.

Featured book:

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
Danny Palmerlee, Michael Grosberg, and Carolyn McCarthy
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Ecuador: A Travel Journal (Marlboro Travel) (Paperback)
by Henri Michaux, Robin Magowan
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